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Black and Blue

Saturday, December 15th, 2012


Necklace: Vintage (buy similar here and here)
T-shirt: Gap (buy here)
Shorts: Gap (buy similar here)
Denim jacket: Gap (buy similar here)
Bag: Moschino (buy similar here or here)
Boots: Arnott by Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck (buy here, or similar here and here)


I spent the entire day running Christmas-related errands. Shopping for presents is really starting to stress me out. I still have my own family PLUS my boyfriend’s family to cover! Do you have any ideas what to get two moms, two dads, an older brother, a 15-year-old girl, and two shih-tzus? If so, please let me know. I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.

Luckily, I got the hardest gift out of the way when I picked up my package from Tres Bien: a pair of sneakers my boyfriend Justin wanted way before they sold out the first time around. I missed the door delivery time, so I had to have him drive me to the FedEx headquarters to get it. Obviously, he was jumping up and down with excitement that the package we were picking up was for him – and even more obviously, I gave in and let him try them on. They looked great with his outfit so I attempted to take ~style blog~ photos of him. Here’s what happened.

Oh! And just in case you’re appalled that I would ruin my boyfriend’s gift surprise, rest assured that I took them away from him to wrap up and have him re-open and act fake-surprised in front of our families on Christmas day. I am the best.

(Nike Footscape Woven Chukka – sold out in this colour but buy a different colour here)


Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Top: Obey (buy here)
Pants: Gap (sold out, buy similar here or here)
Coat: Wilfred via Aritzia (buy similar here or here)
Clear box purse: Vintage via Public Butter (buy similar here or here)
Necklace: Oasap (buy here)
Shoes: Cheap Monday (sold out, buy similar here)


Lately I’ve been expanding my black, grey, and white clothing selection so I can throw something on early in the morning hassle-free and end up looking like a super cool Japanese man or sassy Dracula or something. It looks especially awesome when you mix different textures together, like I did here with the slub tank and patent shoes.

Below, there’s a photo of my boyfriend Justin looking a little uncomfortable holding my clear purse while I’m testing the lighting on my camera. I assure you camera fright is not at all the reason behind his discomfort – I’ve photographed him as my model many times before. It’s because I turn into an evil witch as soon as outfit photos need to be taken.

First, I’ll sit him on my bed while I gut my entire closet. After showing him many different clothing options, I’ll make snarky remarks at whichever one he choses and get angry that he’s not well-versed in women’s fashion when I’ve made it a point to learn the ins and outs of menswear for him. I’ll give him a little speech and finally choose something to wear. Then I’ll have a few seconds of deceiving happiness until the camera’s pointed at me and I’m blinking or half-blinking in all of the shots. I’ll get so frustrated I’ll turn red and stomp around like a child. At this point, Justin will be trying to cheer me up by petting me or giving my a hug but then I’ll just yell at him for babying me even though I’m clearly being a baby.

After a while he’ll manage to make me laugh or calm me down, then catch me in the moment. We’ll finally head home hand in hand into the setting sun while soft piano plays in the background and “And they lived happily ever after… The end” pans across the scene. I honestly don’t know how he puts up with me and my peculiar needs but I’m glad he does! Justin if you’re reading this, you’re stuck with me… MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAA.

Toast to the Future

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Shirtdress: Forever 21 (sold out, buy similar here or here)
Velvet t-shirt: Zara (sold out, buy similar here)
Belt: Gap (sold out, buy similar here or here)
Necklace: Oasap (buy here or similar here and here)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes (sold out in silver, but buy other colours here or here)


When I first found out Ghesquière was leaving Balenciaga, my world (or at least the image of Balenciaga in my mind) came crashing down. Was it the end of the fashion house? Whose insanely slick tailoring and funky (but not overtly funky – more like a conservative-funky) colour combinations would I sit on my bed with my laptop and gawk at on Sunday mornings and cry about not being able to afford on Sunday nights?

Everything turned out better than I thought, because not only is Ghesquière starting up a brand of his own (it’s about time), Alexander Wang is taking over Balenciaga. At first I said, “That is so random” and “How is that even going to work,” but these thoughts quickly evolved to, “Wang can handle it,” and “I’m so excited to see what a casual/edgy Asian streetwear designer does for an almost-century-old Spanish luxury brand.” How is he going to reinvent the bubble skirt… again? Is he going to shy away from predominantly black/white/grey collections? What in the hell is he going to work with that’s not remotely close to a solid-coloured jersey or knit? These and many other questions that flood my mind shall be answered as soon as the spring runway hits again next year.

Anyway, here’s my homage post to Ghesquière and my toast to the future with Alexander Wang. See how I’m wearing the Jeffrey Campbell ripoffs of the Balenciaga cut-out boots that I got on sale? Ok I realize this homage doesn’t look as sincere now, but pipe down, I’m a starving university student. Please forgive me, shoe gods.

Furry Dots

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Jacket: Gap (sold out, buy similar here and here)
Vest: ASOS (buy here or buy similar here)
Skinny double belt: My boyfriend’s closet (buy similar here)
Tights: Gap (sold out, buy similar here and here)
Boots: Doc Marten (buy similar here)

Quick post before I run away to do photoshoot/Topman design-related things all day!!! I wore this on the day Hurricane Sandy hit Toronto at its hardest. It was such a bad idea because I ruined my new vest (which I guess isn’t such a big deal because it’s supposed to be shaggy), and my little legs froze to death. But polka dots are so much fun…


Toronto Fashion Week s/s 2013 – Day 2

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Scarf worn as a turban: Vintage (buy similar styles here and here)
Metallic top: H&M (sold out; buy similar styles here and here)
Black cape: Sears (buy similar styles here and here)
Black bodycon skirt: H&M (buy a similar style here)
Polka dot tights: Gap (sold out; buy a similar style here)
Leather bag: Danier (sold out; buy similar styles here and here)
Necklace: c/o Magwood
Shoes: c/o Messeca (buy here)

The first day of Toronto Fashion Week was amazing! Pink Tartan surprised me with her ultra feminine collection. Plus, her opening and closing model was the one and only Charlotte Free, who is such a relevant model in my eyes that I named my boyfriend’s dog after her. It was her debut on the Canadian runway and Pink Tartan was the ideal brand to feature her.

Yesterday, I watched Evan Biddell and the Mercedes Benz Start-Up Competition on the Toronto Fashion Week runways. I was a huge fan of DUY’s capsule collection and I guess everybody else was in the same boat because the Montreal designer won the competition. I’m excited to see what he comes up with for his sponsored show in March.

I wore an unintentionally fortune-teller-esque outfit including a turban, a mystical necklace, and a cape. I wonder where this weird, subconscious inspiration came from………. Anyway! I’m pictured here with Sarah from Magwood, whose rhinestone hair part totally kicks my regular exposed scalp hair part to the curb.

Tomorrow I’ll be filling you in on the shows I saw tonight – Lucian Matis and Mackage – which were absolutely my favourite so far. Ta ta for now!!!